My Pipl is a fashion platform that promotes Latin Talent in the United States. It is a fashion bridge that connects Mexico to its northern neighboring country and provides support in terms of marketing, public and commercial relations to select original brands and designers in order for them to position their bran in the United States
“We are a fashion PLATFORM for Latin brands that seek to consolidate themselves within the US market”
We were born in December 2021 and to date we have created commercial alliances with Nordstrom, Target, Westfield and local showrooms.
MY PIPL TRADING LATINO BRANDS is a marketer of fashion products of Latin origin. We mainly focus on fashion and beauty wholesale products to meet the needs of our customers as well as all the guidelines required by the United States import system.
Our main clients are boutiques, showrooms, department stores and premium self-service stores.


We function as a “one stop” agency, meaning we act as a filter for our main market by taking care of the selection and redirection of the commercial, image, product and advertising efforts of our clients.
We also have an online store that distributes products within the United States. By leveraging the strength of our uniquely Latin collective voice, our brands have increased exposure to stand out in the digital and retail spectrum.
We offer additional services to our entire portfolio of brands. In My Pipl Trading Latino Brands you will find influencer mkt, commercial public relations, distribution logistics service in the U.S., and business incubation.


By focusing on wholesale, we primarily sell beauty and fashion products that have 100% of the requirements requested by the regulations required by the United States.
In retail, we offer capsule collections of designers carefully selected by our team of curators and fashion experts, all of whom have vast experience in product development, marketing and communication to help us in choosing the products that make up our portfolio.


My Pipl has strategic business alliances with:
Nordstrom, a preeminent American department store where we periodically host popular Pop-up Shops in order to enrich the shopping experience for luxury craft shoppers and strengthen ties with today's consumer.
JLB, a global brokerage agency, responsible for supplying premium self-service stores such as Target.
OnXset, a platform for Latin fashion, affiliated with the CFDA and included in the official calendar of Fashion Week New York.
Mala Mujer, a public relations agency in Mexico, responsible for the media positioning in Mexico for Converse, Oe Moda, Distroller, and many others.
Fashion Group Mexico and International, an independent organization that brings together fashion experts in different areas such as marketing and public relations, renowned fashion schools such as Instituto Burgo, as well as renowned designers such as Angel Grave, Alex Medina and Lydia Lavin. It also has a directory of engaging personalities within the global industr, including standouts Anne Klein and Diane Von Fusterberg.
LA Fashion Week, an independent fashion platform based in Los Angeles, California that season after season presents the proposals of local and international designers.
TikTok United States and Mexico. The No. 1 international digital social media platform.
Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Intermix who, along with Nordstrom, we are in constant relationship with for the planning and hosting of events.
MARMOLEJO, international agency of stylists and public relations directed by Azahel Marmolejo. His portfolio includes Edher Gin, Benito Santos and Jesus de la Garsa.
Stellory Media, marketing and audiovisual development agency. This 4x award winning agency has been recognized and celebrated by film festivals in Berlin, Los Angeles, Tijuana and London thanks to the wonderful development and production of fashion short films.