Irene Parra, CEO and Co-Founder of My Pipl Collective. Owner of the fashion brand Trece Room by Jorge Sanchez. Business Associate and Investor.

Diva Lomas Founder of and My Pipl Collective.

She is a renowned Fashion Entrepreneur and creator of digital
Described as a seasoned, energetic and driven Public Relations/Communications practitioner with international work experience, combined with solid agency and consulting experience in developing, implementing and managing beauty and fashion brand campaigns reaching multicultural markets.

She has more than 15 years of media and communications experience in PR, TV, radio, print, multi-media and social media, as well as extensive experience in client management ranging from prominent global brands to small nonprofits.

Diva Lomas redirected her career in 2020 to focus on empowering women through fashion and styling. In 2021 she launched her TIK TOK channel providing timely fashion information that impacts the image of her clients and followers.

Just a year later, she became known as an inspiration for fashion entrepreneurs and young people belonging to Gen Z who constitute the majority of her content
consumers. With more than one million followers, Diva Lomas is known as an important fashion influencer in Mexico and the US.

Her mission is to develop the creativity of those who consult her services and content. She has dressed important TikTokers and Mexican personalities such
as Lorena Salgado, Sofia Larios, Pame Verderiem and famous conductors like Natalia Alcocer and Ana Regina Alarcón.
Her focus is on providing timely fashion information that impacts the image of
her clients and followers
Last November she kicked off a collaboration with Nordstrom as a curator of
emerging creative Latino fashion talents called MyPipl

This adventure has allowed her to become increasingly and daily involved in
the sphere of fashion in California, and in the Summer and Fall we'll be expanding into New York, Texas and beyond.
She's become a part of alternative platforms to Fashion Week New York such
as FDLA, On XSet and Fashion Group MX.
Most recently in September she had the opportunity to be part of the leading fashion stylist in the program of capacitation of employees for ADIDAS LATAM.